NO REGRETS: Ep (5 titres):


1) This World is Gone

2) Hold your way

3) Just think about it

4) Leave the city

5) Live your dreams



1) Reload the bomb

2) Power against the law

3) Old Anxiety

4) Money won't bring you pride

5) Interlude

6) Love in stereo



7) Looking for the highway

8) Music makes me higher

9) That calms me down

10) Introducing the moon

11) easy way, easy go






Charles Pasi: "Mainly Blue". Réalisation et composition

Carla Bruni: "No Promises". Guitariste pour la tournée album

Valéria Bruni tedeschi: Film "Actrices" . Collaboration à la Bo film

Marie-Anne Pauly: Court métrage "www". Direction Musicale